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EROMMY Cat Supplies - Creating a Harmonious Environment for Human Pet Coexistence

by Linda Li 24 Jun 2024

Do you want to give your beloved pet a better life, but don't know where to start?

Are you worried about occasionally going out and not having time to go home to feed and water your beloved pet?

A more intelligent pet raising lifestyle has arrived, and we have a series of tools to help you and your pets.

Multifunctional Cat Tree

Having a cat tree gives your cat a dedicated entertainment area, which not only helps them release excess energy but also reduces the risk of furniture damage.

Experience the passionate seaside scenery with your beloved pet without leaving your home - This coconut tree shaped cat tree has a unique shape and reasonable design. The high-quality sisal body allows cats to sharpen their claws at any time, and due to the quality of the raw materials, it can be maintained for a long time.

If you have many cats in your home, a single cat tree cannot satisfy them. Don't worry, we have also prepared large-sized and multi style cat trees to let your cats have fun.

Soft hammock, sturdy sisal columns, ample hiding space, multiple hanging toys - prepare ample entertainment space and various ways for your cat.

Our cat tree features a large base and a stable support structure. The included anti-tilt kit can secure the cat tree to the wall. The ultra-strong sisal rope is durable enough for your pet's free play.

Automatic Feeders

This EROMMY automatic pet feeder can be easily controlled and operated through both the dedicated mobile app and manual buttons. Pet owners have the flexibility to adjust feeding settings according to their preferences. When you are on a business trip or away from home, you can use the APP to control food delivery.

Our automatic food dispensers support setting meal quantities, portion sizes and specific feeding times to ensure your pet is fed regularly and appropriately.

It is equipped with a setting memory function , Feeding Schedule will continue without a network.The pet feeder's components are detachable, making it easy to clean and maintain hygiene standards.

The app provides notifications and alerts. Users will receive reminders for low food levels, food jams, and low battery status.

We provide you with intelligent tools throughout the entire process, and a smart litter box is also a good choice.

Automatic Cat Litter Box

We provide you with intelligent tools throughout the entire process, and a smart litter box is also a good choice.

Cleaning is simple with this tool: A 15L trash tank minimizes the need for frequent cleaning and frees your time. Even capable of meeting the needs of cats weighing up to 13 pounds for up to 15 days.

100% sealed waste bin and removable odor eliminator, always smells fresh. After the cat goes to the toilet, the system automatically deodorizes, and no operation is required. The trash can is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilization function.

We are committed to building a harmonious environment where people and pets coexist, and making changes from a young family. EROMMY also has a series of modern style furniture that focuses on the relationship between people and pets, which is worth your attention.

Uniquely designed cat litter box

The unique basketball stand style adds a stylish touch to your home decor.Provides your cat with a private bathroom space.

Equipped with ventilation holes in the cabinet door to eliminate unpleasant odors.At the same time,it allows cats to scratch and clean their paws, helping to remove litter residue.

Your cats will be attracted for playful interaction and exercise.It also offers a secure spot for cats to observe their surroundings, enhancing their sense of security.

Love your pets, love your life, and at EROMMY, you will find everything you want.


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